Garrick Theatre Seat Chart and Guide

The Garrick is one of the West End’s smaller theatres, with around 720 seats spread over three levels: the Stalls, the Dress Circle and the Grand Circle. The theatre was built in 1889 and decorated in an Italian renaissance style and the auditorium is in a lavish red and cream with gold leaf cherubs. It underwent a restoration to restore the gold leaf and other elaborate decor in 1986. The auditorium is long and narrow, so the rear rows of all levels may feel quite far from the stage.


The Stalls are underground and are accessed by stairs. They are split into three blocks by two small aisles, creating two sections on the back left and right. The very back of the Stalls can feel distant from the action and are restricted by the overhang of the Dress Circle, which begins to affect those sitting back from row M. The best seats can be found towards the front and centre of the Stalls. There are pillars in the middle of rows N and S which will obstruct views to some extent for those behind them.

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is at ground level and is accessible from the main theatre foyer. This section curves around the auditorium, making the views from seats on the ends of each row rather restricted. The first and last two seats in each row have more of a side view of the stage. The whole section feels close to the action and the general view is clear. There is a low safety rail across the front so there is little obstruction in the front of the Circle. The overhang from the Upper Circle starts at row B and cuts the top off the stage for those sitting in the back three rows. There are two pillars in the very back row which reduce the leg room for some seats, but they don't affect the view.

The Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is divided in two by a large central aisle. The seats are well raked and feel unusually close to the stage for an this level, and it doesn’t feel too high. Like the Dress Circle, the section curves along with the balcony so seats at the end of each row have restricted views. Parts of row A will have the safety rail in view.


How accessible is the theatre?

The Garrick Theatre prides itself on its accessibility for disabled visitors. Discounted tickets are available for disabled patrons, plus one companion. If you have any specific questions or disability requirements please call the Access Line on 0330 333 4815 or email

Are there wheelchair facilities?

Wheelchair access is via a portable ramp over two steps into the theatre; please ask a member of staff for help through this entrance. You’re advised to arrive 30 minutes before the show so that a member of Front of House can show you to your seats in good time. There is one wheelchair space in row E of the Dress Circle with companion seats alongside it. There are also seats in E1 and E25 of the Dress Circle for patrons who are able to transfer from their chair.

Can I bring a guide dog?

Dogs may stay with you during the performance at the Garrick Theatre, or venue staff are more than happy to look after them during the performance of booked in advance via the access team on 0330 333 4815 or email Please notify the Box Office on your arrival.

Are there deaf or hard of hearing facilities?

The theatre is fitted with a Williams Sound hearing assistance system and headsets are available on a first come first served basis from the Box Office. If you need to ask any questions about the system prior to your visit please contact the access team on 0330 333 4815 or email

Are there provisions for patrons on the Autism Spectrum?

Please contact the access team on 0330 333 4815 or email to arrange assistance for your visit. The Garrick Theatre is grateful for any information you can give to make your visit enjoyable, stress-free and fun, especially with any issues relating to Autism.

How many steps are there in the theatre?

There are 2 steps into the theatre foyer with handrails on both sides, and an accessible gate for wheelchairs on the left hand side of the theatre. There are then 29 steps down into the Stalls, level access on row E of the Dress Circle (all other rows in this section have steps down), and 25 steps up to the Upper Circle with handrails on both sides.

Where are the disabled toilets?

There is an accessible toilet in the Dress Circle next to the level access entrance in the theatre foyer.